How to date your foodstuffs

Whet Moser, suddenly making sell-by dates on food products relevant to me:

About a quarter of US methane emissions comes from food rotting in landfills.

The dates on our packaged food products look so authoritative, but the way Moser tells it, they were invented by marketing folks to increase sales at the cost of disposing of otherwise good products that have an expired sell-by date.

Donut Tour 2010: The Video

We planned the donut tour. We did the donut tour. We ate donuts. We made five stops on the tour, but this video only covers four of them. We were too stuffed to say anything about Japonais, even though the donuts there were delicious. Here’s the full lineup: Donna’s Donuts (Yelp!) Ziggy’s Donuts (Yelp!) Kane’s […] » about 200 words

Great Name, But Is It Any Good?

Spork” is a great name for a restaurant, but is it any good? Yelp says it is, but most of the reviews mention the burger, putting me in the position of having to review the reviewers and wonder if a hamburger person can recommend a restaurant to a vegetarian. Not that I am a vegetarian or not a hamburger person, but please tell me there’s more to the retrofabulous-looking place than a cool name and a hamburger. Something that actually requires sporks?