Glitter, glitter, everywhere

Near the entrance, metal shelves taller than a man were laden with over one thousand jumbo jars of glitter samples arranged by formulation, color, and size: emerald hearts, pewter diamonds, and what appeared to be samples of the night sky collected from over the Atlantic Ocean. There were neon sparkles so pink you have only seen them in dreams, and rainbow hues that were simultaneously lilac and mint and all the colors of a fire. On one shelf, hundreds of jars of iridescent white fairly glowed. The prettiest shade was slightly violet.

From Caity Weaver, explaining a strange trip into a glitter factory. The uses for glitter go beyond cosmetic:

Researchers and zookeepers sometimes mix glitter with animal feed to track animals (polar bears; elephants; domestic cats) via sparkly feces. Plywood manufacturers insert hidden layers of colored glitter in their products to prevent counterfeiting. Because glitter is difficult to remove completely from an area into which it has been introduced, and because individual varieties can be distinguished under a microscope, it can serve as useful crime scene evidence; years ago the F.B.I. contacted Glitterex to catalog samples of its products.

Astrophotography in San Francisco

From the Space Tourism Guide:

Can You See the Milky Way in the Bay Area? Unfortunately, it is very difficult to see the Milky Way in San Francisco. Between the foggy weather and the light pollution from 7 million people, you can imagine that the faint light of our galaxy is lost to view.

But C. Roy Yokingco argues:

Some people say the Milky Way cannot be photographed within 50 miles of a major metropolitan area. Well, this photo of the Milky Way was captured 12 linear miles south of downtown San Francisco, California.

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Competing approaches to deadlines and excellence

Some people see deadlines as guidelines to aim for, not absolute dates by which a deliverable is expected by

This view of deadlines as flexible guidelines can be seen throughout western culture, as exemplified by the ongoing, oft delayed Brexit negotiations. However, deadlines also compete against other factors in any project. Consider the three constraints in the project management triangle:

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A mathematical theory and evidence for hipster conformity in four parts

  1. Academic publishes mathematical theory for conformance among hipsters:
  2. MIT Tech Review covers it, with a fancy photo illustration using a stock photo of a hipster-looking male:
  3. A hipster-looking male contacts MIT Tech Review to loudly complain about their using a picture of him without asking:
  4. It turns out the hipster-looking male in the photo isn’t the same as the one who complained: