Bad maps are ruining American broadband

Karl Bode in The Verge:

In policy conversations, ISP lobbyists lean heavily on the FCC’s flawed data to falsely suggest that American broadband is dirt cheap and ultra competitive, despite real-world evidence to the contrary. ISPs also use this false reality to imply meaningful consumer protections aren’t necessary because the market is healthy (as we saw during the fight over net neutrality).

Lawrence Lessig: Republic, Lost

Lawrence Lessig in a talk at Google in 2011 speaking on the topic of his book, Republic, Lost. His talk concludes: This nation faces critical problems requiring serious attention, but we don’t have institutions capable of giving them this attention. They are distracted, unable to focus. And who is to blame for that? Who is responsible? I think it’s too easy to point to the Blagojeviches and hold them responsible, to point to the » about 300 words