Crypto Crazy

The conclusion from Garbage Day:

We have an entire class of wealth holders now who have assets that are not connected to any particular country. And the biggest diehards among them are dreaming of a world where their assets are never converted back into a fiat currency. Whether it’s private islands or Martian colonies, these people will continue bucking against traditional ideas about citizenship and sovereignty. And a lot of it will be, at best, wildly embarrassing, and, at worst, Fyre Fest combined with a humanitarian disaster.

…But definitely read the whole thing for context.

Meanwhile, this anti-crypto thread vs. this one nitpicking some details.


Roderick sent me a link to this Reason article on Absinthe that claims: the U.S. Food and Drug Administration considers true absinthe “adulterated” because of the wormwood. Production, sale, and importation are banned, but mere possession is not, and customs agents typically ignore a bottle or two in your suitcase. It’s a legal situation that […] » about 200 words