Absinthe advertising poster.

Roderick sent me a link to this Reason article on Absinthe that claims:

the U.S. Food and Drug Administration considers true absinthe “adulterated” because of the wormwood. Production, sale, and importation are banned, but mere possession is not, and customs agents typically ignore a bottle or two in your suitcase. It’s a legal situation that seems designed to keep absinthe cool.“

The Wikipedia article on absinthe pretty much confirms that point, so who’s going to test it?


  1. image from the Virtual Absinthe Museum
  2. Yes, I asked Roderick ”please tell me you don’t read Reason (the PR arm of the Libertarians, which is the PR arm of the Republicans to pull in “younger, hipper” voters) regularly.“ He had an entirely plausible answer for the negative.