Porn consumption by geography and type

This is shamefully old news, but Pornhub released stats that correlate viewing preferences by geography and pulled out a quote too juicy to ignore: Dixie loves dicks so much that the percentage of gay viewers for every single state in the South is higher than the average of the legal gay marriage states. I’m concerned […] » about 300 words

Checkouts Vs. GPA?

Cindy Harper, Systems Librarian at Colgate University, posted to the IUG list with this notion today:

I’m clearing out a large group of expired student records, and wonder if anyone else has had the same idea that has occurred to me. [Our ILS] keeps track in the patron record of TOTCHKOUTs (total checkouts). At the expiration of the students’ record at the end of their four or so years, this represents a measure that is not perfect, but could distinguish heavy library users from non-users. Of course, it combines book chekouts, video and music checkouts, reserve checkouts, etc. And it misses the effect of electronic sources. I was thinking of trying to get GPA data for these graduates and use an ANCOVA (Analysis of Covariance) to see, once you’ve accounted for the effect of different majors and year-of-graduation effects, if there’s a correlation between library use and GPA?

Has anyone done this type of study? Do you analyze your TOTCHKOUT data in any way?

I’d second her question. Public libraries, I think, do better at correlating their statistics with other metrics in their communities. What do we know about academic libraries?

bsuite Bug Fixes (release b2v7)

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Damn Daylight Saving Doesn’t Save

NPR covered it like an eclipse or astronomic curiosity, and did little to question the claimed energy saving benefits. But, as Michael Downing asks in Spring Forward, how can something understood by so few be done by so many? And why go through this twice annual madness? Supposedly, we subject ourselves to the rule of […] » about 300 words

Competition, Market Position, and Statistics

Watch this video a few times. It’s funny. It’s catchy. It’s kitsch. Now watch it a few times more. The ad, for a Lada VAZ 2109, appeared sometime in the 90s. It reflects the influence of MTV and other cultural imports from the West, but the details betray it’s command economy provenance. The snow appears […] » about 400 words

bsuite Bug Fixes (release b2v6)

Contentsbsuite FeaturesFixed/Changed/AddedInstallationUpgradingCommandsOptionsTag SupportUsing bsuite FunctionsKnown BugsUpdate: bugfix release b2v7 available. It’s been a while since I released a new version of bsuite, my multi-purpose WordPress plugin. I’d been hoping to finish up a series of new features, but those have been delayed and this is mostly just a collection of bugfixes. This update is recommended […] » about 500 words