Whoosh Boom Splat

Bill Gurstelle thought the exploding balloons were as funny as I did, and now I understand why: the contributing editor of Make magazine knows his way around improvised munitions.

He also knows YouTube videos of oppressed geeks getting back at The Man with potato guns is a good marketing ploy for his audience. Whoosh Boom Splat appears to be his latest book. Amazon doesn’t let me look inside, but how can you go wrong with projects like these?

  • The Jam Jar Jet — the simple pulse jet engine that roars
  • The Elastic Zip Cannon — a membrane-powered shooter that packs a wallop
  • The Mechanical Toe — a bungee-powered kicking machine
  • The Vortex Launcher — a projectile shooter that uses air bullets for ammunition
  • The Clothespin Snap Shooter — the PG-17 version of a clothespin gun that fires fiery projectiles
  • The Architronito — the steam-powered cannon conceived by Leonardo da Vinci

And He-Man Screams From The Top Of His Lungs “What’s Goin’ On”

The What’s Up? cover would be funny enough on its own, with the He-Man video it’s golden. Now, you know you want to sing along with the chorus. Go for it, here are the lyrics: And so I wake in the morning and I step outside And I take a deep breath And I get […] » about 400 words

Let Me Show You My Credentials

“I’m Bruce Pechman, the muscleman of technology, let me show you my credentials.”

This is the instructional video that comes with the DynaFlex Powerball Gyro.

The fan videos on YouTube have got nothing on this. Just click play and prepare to laugh. Will and I have been asking to see people credentials since he shared this with me a week ago.

Neg’s Urban Sprinting

I might watch more TV if I didn’t live in the US. Well, I used to like watching World’s Wildest Police Chases on Spike while knocking back a few at the bar after work, but they re-arranged the schedule a while back and it’s just not the same. So clearly I have to sit around waiting for people to forward me goodies like this.

Yeah, it’s Neg’s Urban Sprinting, which apparently aired on a show named “Balls of Steel,” and it’s just one in a brilliant series. To wit: Big Stranger Rodeo and Make Them Move. Sadly, YouTube lists only three; gladly there’s this and this.

Beat Box Bush and DJ Cheney

Bush speech mashups rock. From Google Video:

So, you wanna learn how to beatbox? GWB is back with another amazing performance. Surprisingly he is actually very good.

Previously: State of the Union? Not good.

Also, note the tags on that video, and the way somebody snuck “????? ??? ? ???” past the filters.

Top Gun: A Requiem For Goose

TeamTigerAwesome‘s Top Gun: A Requiem For Goose is more than funny, it’s the sort of thing a person should mine for insults and one-liners to use later. Of course, the recent Tom Cruise flap doesn’t dampen it any.

From the title cards:

On March 3, 1919 President Harding established the swingenest, scientologist, dew drop of a flight school in all 38.

Now, you boys may think that you are the high-hattenest group of flyboys ever to shoot down a Mrs. Grundy.

I’m gonna make you better.

So I ask of you?

Who among you wish to fornicate with immortality?

I dare say, me and my favorite Irishman, Goose, are the Real McCoy.

See that Sock Dollager over there?

The skirts call him Iced-Man.

She has misplaced feelings of love.

I despise it when she has misplaced feelings of love.

That Jester didn’t have a flapper’s chance against us Protestants!

I dare say you, you could call me Grover Cleveland…For I just orgazimized, on non-consecutive terms.

You’re still a splifficated, piker as I ever saw. But you can be my wing man anytime.

Applesauce. You can be mine.

The Onion Greets Wikimania

Wikimania is about to start, but here, the ever-topical Onion folk are poking fun at Wikipedia. What is there to say when “America’s finest news source” casts aspersions on the world’s newest encyclopedia with the headline Wikipedia Celebrates 750 Years Of American Independence? Extra: watch out for Meredith Farkas‘ panel presentation on wikis and enabling […] » about 100 words

The Flickr Is A Series Of Tubes

It’s hard to be angry with Flickr about unexpected downtime when they post funny things like this. For my part, this is more than just an excuse to link to DJ Ted Stevens’ Internet Song (yeah, “the internet is a series of tubes”), it’s an excuse to point out how Flickr apparently knows how to […] » about 100 words

The Pope vs. The Da Vinci Code

The above image and following text are circulating the web, tickling funny bones. This man (on the left wearing a fabulous vintage chiffon-lined Dior gold lamé gown over a silk Vera Wang empire waist tulle cocktail dress, accessorized with a three-foot beaded peaked House of Whoville hat, and the ruby slippers Judy Garland wore in […] » about 100 words


“I’ve never seen the inside of a rabbit’s brain before. What’s in there anyway?” “Nobody knows yet. Johnson and I are hoping it’s cupcakes.” “Me too. Except vegan cupcakes. Because I’m a vegan. Vegans don’t eat animals or animal prod–” “I know what vegan means, Thomas. You’ve told us.” “Well, I was just saying, because–” […] » about 100 words

Bad Quality

I should be all down on this sneaky way of advertising Nokia’s N90, but…eh, they’re funny. Bad Quality Officechairs is the latest, Bad Quality Hydraulics (somebody tell them it’s “pneumatics”) and Bad Quality Superglue bring up the rear. If that isn’t enough, they’ve got the Bad Quality Blog which pulls back the curtain a bit. […] » about 200 words


I don't know how I feel about shilling for the <a href="">california dairy industry</a>, but this <a href="">cow abduction site</a> is pretty funny. Be sure to watch the movie. Want more, <a href="">go look</a> at <a href=""></a>. » about 100 words

The Things They Do To Students At Rice

I won't say why I went looking for pictures of people getting poked with sticks (but you'll figure it out in a later post). I will say I was happy to find these from the <a href="" title="Poke-A-Spontaneous-Combustion-Member-With-A-Stick-Day">Poke-A-Spontaneous-Combustion-Member-With-A-Stick-Day</a> at <a href="">Rice University</a>. Look, they even have <a href="">a price list</a> that includes: <ul type="none"><li>$1<ul type="none"><li>poke with a stick</li> <li>song/poem on demand</li> <li>two minute massage</li> <li>lick a SC member</li></ul> </li> <li>$2<ul type="none"><li>picture with [unreadable]</li> <li>kissing</li> <li>whack with a stick</li></ul> </li> <li>$3<ul type="none"><li>marker tattoo</li></ul> </li> <li>$4<ul type="none"><li>attempt hedge jumping</li></ul> </li> <li>$5<ul type="none"><li>human piñata</li> <li>shave a leg</li> <li>we wrestle each other</li></ul> </li> <li>$15<ul type="none"><li>jump <span style="text-decoration:underline;">into</span> hedges</li></ul></li></ul> » about 200 words

Flight of the Conchords

| <a href="">Ryan</a> sent along a link to <a href="">Flight of the Concords</a>' <a href="">Business Time</a> last week and I'm still laughing over it. With some exploring at a fansite, <a href="" title="What the Folk!">What the Folk!</a>, I dug up a trove of other amusements, including <a href="">She's So Hot Boom</a>. For more info, I turned (as usual) to the <a href="" title="Flight of the Conchords - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia">Wikipedia article</a>. And if I had HBO, I could have caught a repeat of them on <a href="">One Night Stand</a> this past Wednesday. But alas, no. » about 100 words

Librarians of Springfield

That’s my contribution to the Springfield Public Library meme that Michael Casey and Laura Savastinuk started over the weekend. springfield public library, the simpsons, simpsons, cartoon character, cartoon, smartypants, funny, librarian, librarians, bar, moe, moe’s bar, self portrait, casey bisson, springfield » about 100 words

Choose Your Disaster

The good people at Keep the Faye gave me a chuckle with their series of choose you daily disaster magnets, like the hillbillies and volcano series pictures above. Then they followed it up with the amusing, but somewhat less funny choose your favorite fantasy series. keep the faye, magnet, refrigerator magnets, funny, choose your daily […] » about 100 words

FAQs About Those Three Wishes

I ran across David Owen’s Three Wishes FAQ in a month-old New Yorker on my friend’s coffee table last night. I tore out the page thinking I’d not find it online, but lo, the New Yorker posted it on their site on Jan ninth! You have been granted three wishes — congratulations. If you wish […] » about 700 words