george w bush

Not Happy

It’s called Gigapan, a robotic panorama-maker. David Bergman used one to take the picture above (though his view was much larger) (you can buy your own for about $300 if you get in on the beta). The point, however, is that if you zoom in real close, you can see W’s pursed lipped scowl. » about 100 words

Bush Trying To Figure Out How To Invite Volleyball Team To White House

Sure, volleyball is the new gymnastics, so much so that the White House posted a picture of Bush with Olympians Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh in their “News & Policy” section. Chalk it up to August being a slow news month. Still, I can just imagine the old man telling Laura “I think you should […] » about 100 words

Ministry of Truth = George Bush’s Whitehouse

The Huffington Post pointed out how the White House is doctoring video of Bush’s “Mission Accomplished” speech from May 2003. Visitors to now get a video that crops out the mission accomplished sign.

How Orwellian will this president get? “The future of evil is in manipulating information.”


Mentioned earlier, but worth mentioning again: TrueMajorityACTION’s Take It Back campaign. Among the videos and political graffiti of the moment, don’t miss Freedom, Beat Box Bush, and Hijacking Catastrophe. And as funny as the Brazillion Joke is, we need a government that doesn’t lie, a government that’s smart, a government that cares for its people, […] » about 100 words