Snow Spider

Karen found this spider in the snow yesterday when she wasn’t running for the camera. Will spied several more, all moving laboriously over the crystalline landscape. None of us had ever seen spiders on snow before, but it’s likely we’d never looked. discovery, snow, spider, winter » about 100 words

Winter’s Last Breath

Snow and rain mixed throughout the day Tuesday, but we awoke to glistening white fields and trees. Above is the view due west in Wentworth this morning, before the warm spring sun melted it all away. glisten, glistening, landscape, morning, pine, pines, snow, snowfall, spring, tree, tree farm, trees, winter, woods » about 100 words

Warren (and Dog Sledding) On TV Tonight

The folks at WMUR‘s Chronicle are featuring my friends Joe and Wendy and their dog sledding tonight. The photos above are of Justin in a race a few years ago (video of the finish also online). Warren hasn’t been so proud since we put the rocket up. dog sledding, warren, winter, snow, wmur, television, wmur […] » about 100 words