Surf ‘n Turf Salad

My computer geek husband, who I do adore, joined a Flickr photo group called Friday Food Fiesta. A new theme is announced every Friday, and everyone contributes a single photo that illustrates that theme. The first themes he contributed to were burgers and pizza, but when salads came up, he needed help. Luckily for him, […] » about 300 words

Winter’s Last Breath

Snow and rain mixed throughout the day Tuesday, but we awoke to glistening white fields and trees. Above is the view due west in Wentworth this morning, before the warm spring sun melted it all away. glisten, glistening, landscape, morning, pine, pines, snow, snowfall, spring, tree, tree farm, trees, winter, woods » about 100 words

Water Feature

| We were excited in New Hampshire to have the first week of weather warm enough to go out without our coats at midday, but <a href=",+ga&ll=33.749179,-84.39045&spn=0.079074,0.215092">Atlanta</a> was <a href="">warm enough</a> to hop in the pool and hot tub after midnight. » about 100 words