Kobb Labs

Kobb Labs.

Joe forwarded me a link to Kobb Labs the other day, and I’ve got to admit that the guy has a much better introduction than anything I could have written for my site:

Despite what you may have been told, I am not a mad scientist. (No, no, no, that’s all slander and lies from jealous colleagues.) As you can probably tell from my website, I’m just a man curious about the universe and the order of things.

Please note, we are not offering tours of the labs at this time, as me and my (monkey) assistants are very busy on the S.D.R.P. (Secret Death Ray Project).

Also, be aware, we are no longer shipping out rodents, due to a recent batch being infected with rabies fleas. If you received a rabid weasel from us, please contact customer service for disposal instructions. (Have your invoice number handy when you call.) Do not ship them back to us!

As good as that is, however, is just a build-up to the real deal: Kobb has a list of movies to trade. Most of them are horror flicks, and most of those sound wonderfully bad. Or, I just hope the movies are as good as the descriptions:

BEGOTTEN — Jesus, Mary, and Joseph! Creepy B&W horror film virtually devoid of dialogue. Unique. Terrifying.