How Jackie Chan wins

Tony Zhou’ video is genius, as are the nine principles of action comedy he’s identified:

  1. Start with a DISADVANTAGE
  2. Use the ENVIRONMENT
  3. Be CLEAR in your shots
  4. Action & Reaction in the SAME frame
  5. Do as many TAKES as necessary
  6. Let the audience feel the RHYTHM
  7. In editing, TWO good hits = ONE great hit
  8. PAIN is humanizing
  9. Earn your FINISH

Read the full video description for more, and consider donating to support his work.


Tankmen is funny, no doubt, but I wonder what it means when we’re deeply embroiled in two of the longest running armed conflicts of US history that we find it so easy to make comedy about war.

Richard Cheese’s Lounge Against The Machine

Richard Cheese‘s lounge-core renditions of pop favorites (and some not-so-favorites) have been cracking me up every time they chime into the mix on random, but I didn’t know what the guy looked like until I spied Beatnikside‘s photo of the man in among his Vegas people set. “Cheese,” of course, is a pseudonym for LA […] » about 100 words

Flight of the Conchords

| <a href="">Ryan</a> sent along a link to <a href="">Flight of the Concords</a>' <a href="">Business Time</a> last week and I'm still laughing over it. With some exploring at a fansite, <a href="" title="What the Folk!">What the Folk!</a>, I dug up a trove of other amusements, including <a href="">She's So Hot Boom</a>. For more info, I turned (as usual) to the <a href="" title="Flight of the Conchords - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia">Wikipedia article</a>. And if I had HBO, I could have caught a repeat of them on <a href="">One Night Stand</a> this past Wednesday. But alas, no. » about 100 words

Laughing At Your Idol

While following the story about bad teachers, found the Mathcaddy blog. The only relation Mathcaddy has to the other story is that Steve, the unfortunate student runs his blog on a subdomain there. The post that got me interested at Mathcaddy was I Walked on Water… I Think I Can Walk to the Door: In […] » about 300 words