Web Strategy Discussion Starter

What follows is the text of a document I prepared to start and shape discussion about the future of the university website at my former place of work. The PDF version is what I actually presented, though in both instances I’ve redacted three types of information: the name of the institution (many already know, but […] » about 1500 words

GigaOM Mobile Site Launched

This week we launched a new mobile theme at It was out for just a day or two before Dennis Bournique surprised us with a review on I have no way of knowing if I would have linked to the review if it wasn’t positive, but I would likely have found a way to […] » about 300 words

Helvetic Neue On The Web

CSS Tricks tips “better helvetica.” Guillermo Esteves explains that specifying font names in CSS is really about specifying font families: If you want to use a specific font face, you have to use font-family along with the font-weight property, calling both the PostScript and screen names of that face for backwards compatibility Which, for a […] » about 200 words

Consumer Society and Citizen Networks Logo

Consumer Society and Citizen Networks “aims at promoting access of citizens to information on product safety, consumer rights protection, and to results of independent testing, as well as promoting wide public discussion of challenges facing the consumer society in Ukraine.” Their logo, however, is pure genius: Some sketches from logolog showing how it came together: » about 100 words

Edward Tufte On The iPhone’s UI Design

Edward “to clarify add detail” Tufte, who criticizes the PowerPointing of America, earlier this year posted a video on the iPhone’s UI design. He loves the photo viewer (except the grid-lines between images are too big), he loves the web browser (except the navigation bar takes up too much space), he calls the weather app an […] » about 200 words