Failed Hard Drive Noises

There’s nothing amusing about this list of failed hard drive noises if you’re looking through it for a sound matching what drive on your desk is making (which I am), but I’m sure there’s some good material for the click-hop crowd. Photos by Jon Ross and James Harvey, used under CC license. » about 100 words

Ear Shrapnel Noise Grenade

Engadget calls it “skull-shattering fun” and Gizmodo labeled it “ear shrapnel.” It’s available at and Boy’s Stuff, though nobody seems to have yet found a domestic supplier. From the catalog page: The Sonic Grenade features three different levels of the most noxious sound since the last Westlife album. To launch, pull the pin and […] » about 200 words


Via Gizmodo: a CD of annoying sounds at Twenty “ear splitting” sound effects and a pair of earplugs “for your sanity and protection” for £14.99. What 20 sound effects?

  • Drill
  • Party (at least 200 People)
  • Orgasm (Outstanding)
  • Train
  • Drum (Played by a Child)
  • Inhuman Screams
  • Walking (High Heels)
  • Domestic Squabble
  • Doors Banging
  • Bowling
  • Unhappy Dog
  • Practicing a violin
  • Traffic Jam
  • Garbage Truck
  • A screaming newborn baby
  • Phone Ringing
  • Ball Game
  • Pigeons
  • Spring house cleaning
  • Cock-a-Doodle-Do!

Usage instructions?

Choose your favourite track from this hilarious CD, turn up the volume, and sit back (or go out for half an hour) and reap sweet revenge.