Ear Shrapnel Noise Grenade

Ear Shrapnel Noise Grenade.

Engadget calls it “skull-shattering fun” and Gizmodo labeled it “ear shrapnel.” It’s available at Paladone.com and Boy’s Stuff, though nobody seems to have yet found a domestic supplier. From the catalog page:

The Sonic Grenade features three different levels of the most noxious sound since the last Westlife album. To launch, pull the pin and throw it towards your target. After 20 seconds, the sonic explosion occurs, giving even the deepest sleeper a wake-up call like they’ve never had before. You can only stop the sirens by replacing the pin, and if you take that out of the room, lazy bones will have to get up and come and grab it off you – mission accomplished.

File this next to the Annoises CD.