bstat Beta 1 Release

UPDATE: bstat has been updated. I’ve finally added a clean admin interface to my bstat WordPress stats tracking plugin and cleaned up the code for release as a public beta. Quick Start Installation Download and unzip  Place bstat.php in you wp-content/plugins directory  Place spacer.gif in your wp-content directory  Log in to your WordPress admin […] » about 900 words

bstat Progress

I’ve been hard at work on my stats tracking plugin for WordPress and you can see the results in the sidebar and in the story views here. The work has been made especially easy because of the great documentation, including writing a plugin, plugin API, and related pages at the WordPress codex.

I’m testing the plugin with a limited group now (thank you Sandee and Cliff). But with a few more tweaks and a little more time to prove itself, I think it will be ready for an open beta.

WordPress Stats Goodness

Work on my bstats plugin continues. I’ve added recently commented posts tracking, begun work on a usage graph, as requested by Richard Akerman, and put together an interesting way to track usage of the Google ads. I’m using the Google ads to figure out how to best use them on another project later. I think […] » about 300 words