Blue Marlin Spears Fisherman

From the Royal Gazette: An angler was almost killed when a giant bill fish leapt from the sea, speared his chest and knocked him off his boat in a freak accident at the weekend. Ian Card, from Somerset, was impaled by the blue marlin and forced overboard during an international sports fishing tournament on Saturday […] » about 400 words

Asian Scooter Gangs

The members of this Taiwanese scooter gang might really be cooler than me. Well, they would be cooler if the scooter gangs weren’t also known to be violent: A scooter gang viciously attacked and injured 12 teenagers — three critically — while on a violent joyride in Taipei County’s Tucheng City… The gang of more […] » about 200 words


My hosting provider sent along the following message:

We have experienced a DDOS attack today January 4th, which resulted in latency across the entire network. During this time your domain, email, ftp and other services may have appeared to be offline, or intermittent. Our techs have been working as quickly as possible to block the attack and get the network back up to speed.

I was relieved to know that the unexpected downtime was the result of something I’d done. The problem, and I can feel for my hosting provider here, is that DDOS attacks aren’t so easy to block (while also leaving the network open enough to be usable), so I wouldn’t be surprised if performance here is rather variable for a while.