Blue Marlin Spears Fisherman

Blue Marlins

From the Royal Gazette:

An angler was almost killed when a giant bill fish leapt from the sea, speared his chest and knocked him off his boat in a freak accident at the weekend.

Ian Card, from Somerset, was impaled by the blue marlin and forced overboard during an international sports fishing tournament on Saturday morning.

His father Alan, skipper of the commercial fishing vessel Challenger, watched as the struggling creature — estimated to weigh about 800lb and measuring 14ft in length — flew through the air and struck the 32-year-old, who was acting as mate, just below his collarbone with its sword-like bill. “The fish was airborne going across the full width of the boat and my son was standing up about eight feet from the stern,” said Mr. Card. “It impaled him with its bill, a bill of about two-and-a-half or three feet long. All in one motion the fish flew across the cockpit and took him out of the boat. He landed about 15ft away. The fish was on top of him. He was underwater and he had his arms wrapped round the fish and the fish was pushing him under.

”I lost sight of him for a few seconds. As a father looking at a son that’s just been impaled it’s quite an experience. That’s a sight I’ll never forget. I knew there was no good going to come out of it.“

He said his son emerged alone surrounded by a pool of blood some 50ft behind the boat. ”He put his hand up to his chest and his fingers disappeared,“ said Mr. Card, 58. ”He had a wound in his chest about as big as your fist.“

The rest of the story explains that Card was rescued from the water and survived the stabbing. The marlin, however, may strike again.