Sweet Vespa Scooter With Sidecar on eBay

Greenstemstudios is selling a sweet-looking 1980 Vespa with sidecar. In gleaming Cinder Red and House of Kolar Black, riding on white wall Continentals, “the scooter gets 60 to 70 miles to the gallon and can easily maintain 60 mph even with the sidecar attached.” The starting price is $3,750. I’m plenty happy with my scooter, […] » about 100 words

Asian Scooter Gangs

The members of this Taiwanese scooter gang might really be cooler than me. Well, they would be cooler if the scooter gangs weren’t also known to be violent: A scooter gang viciously attacked and injured 12 teenagers — three critically — while on a violent joyride in Taipei County’s Tucheng City… The gang of more […] » about 200 words

Doggy And You: Mark Schutte’s Dog Powered Scooter

Engadget has a link to Mark Schutte’s dog powered scooter. This catches my eye because my friend Joe is always looking for ways to exercise his sled dogs in the summer. The developer, of course, is very serious about its befits and usefulness of this contraption. Here’s the sales pitch: Focus your dogs energy and […] » about 200 words