Avenue Q

Sandee with Kate Monster of Avenue Q.

Steve Wynn could probably have had any show he wanted, but he chose Avenue Q, the Sesame Street and Muppets-inspired show that has to include a disclaimer denying its roots in the program and advertising. What the show’s creators don’t have to disclaim are the three Tony Awards the show won in 2004 for best score, best book, and best musical.

Sandee bought the cast recording (also at Amazon) because they’re the sort of tunes that get into your head…the sort of tunes you’ll find yourself humming days later. But that’s what you expect of a good musical — especially a hilariously funny one.

Above is Sandee with Kate Monster, the kindergarden teacher who dreams of opening a school for monsters. I believe the performer at left is the understudy, but I’ve lost the program and can’t begin to remember her name. Sorry.