Cargo Aircraft Safety

Who knew FedEx and UPS planes crashed so often? (Blame the intronetz for making this too easy to discover.)

Site Crashed…Recovered…Sort Of

My hosting provider lost a server, and their most recent backup of my database was from Wednesday. That was newer than what I had, so that’s what I’ve got. Any comments submitted between then and mid afternoon today have been lost. I was luckier with my posts: I write most of them in ecto and had them backed up on my lappy.

At least the Sox won.

Morbidly Curious

A friend pointed me to and I can’t help but explore. I was told to start with the pictures (which end in late 2001, and so don’t include recent incidents like the flaming nose-wheel at LAX or the overshot runway in Chicago), but it was the collection of “last words” transcripts from the cockpit […] » about 200 words