You’re Nobody Unless You’re Fake — On Twitter

Here’s a simple way to tell whether the star you’re following is the real thing. Are the alleged celebrity’s tweets funny and entertaining, with a palpable sense of self-awareness and wit? Full on fake then, and by default, well worth following. Oh, and Twitter, if you’re still confused, the fake celebs are the ones who cannot afford a publicist to announce that the @fakeAccount everyone’s following isn’t really them.

via On Twitter, you’re nobody unless you’re fake – Technotica- msnbc.com.

The State Of Democracy

What does it mean about the state of democracy when viral video darling Obama Girl Amber Lee Ettinger shows up in NH? And Chuck Norris too? (Chuck Norris political facts.) It probably surprises no one that Kucinich’s press secretary’s 18 year old daughter is more articulate than Amber and Chuck combined. Ugh. » about 100 words

MaisonBisson Cultural Reporter at SXSW, Can’t Get Tickets, Brushes With Owen Wilson Instead

<a href="http://sxsw.com/">SXSW</a> passes have apparently been sold out for weeks now. So what's <a href="http://robertgarlitz.com/">Bob Garlitz</a>, the MaisonBisson <a href="http://maisonbisson.com/blog/post/11002/">cultural affairs reporter</a>, to do? Hunt for celebrities around <a href="http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&hl=en&q=austin+texas&ll=30.272114,-97.738152&spn=0.164265,0.431557">Austin</a>, of course. Here's how <a href="http://bglgy.blogspot.com/2006_03_15_bglgy_archive.html#114247430794156798">he describes his first hit</a>: <blockquote>...I decide hell, yes, it is Owen and give a tiny decisive blink. He blinks back in acknowledgment. I give him a little punch on his shoulder and say Hey, how're you doing? I'm doing real good, he says slowly...</blockquote> » about 300 words