My Boston Library Consortium Presentation

Speaking Thursday at the Boston Library Consortium‘s annual meeting in the beautiful Boston Public Library, my focus was on the status of our library systems and the importance of remixability. My blog post on remixability probably covers the material best, but I define it as: Remixability is the quality of a system or data set […] » about 200 words

Door of Mystery

| I found myself <a href="">wandering about</a> <a href=",+Boston+MA+02116&ll=42.349252,-71.078281&spn=0.016556,0.054073">Boston</a> <a href="">Public Library</a> for longer than I expected Friday. Part of it was the <a href="">map exhibit</a> and part of it was the <a href="">architecture</a> (and simply a place to relax for a bit). Amusingly, stairs and stairways seem <a href="">filled with drama</a> at BPL, and if the guard hadn't just warned me about taking flash photos, I might have tried to sneak a peak behind that door. » about 100 words