Reva “ElectriCity Car”

How crazy is it that we can get neither flying cars nor (affordable) fuel efficient cars today?

Anyway, the Reva (shown above) is a tiny little electric that seats two adults, can go 50 miles on a charge, and fully charges in five hours (two hours gets an 80% charge). It’s an Indian company, but they export to Europe and the website has some mention of test-marketing the cars in the US. The sticker price in Britain is equivalent to less than US$15,000. Aside from being rather energy efficient (they claim the equivalent energy consumption of 600 miles per gallon), you’ll save money by not having to maintain a clutch, transmission, or all the many components of an internal combustion engine. You will eventually have to replace the batteries (which could be both costly and environmentally unsound (but so is driving a traditional car)), but the rest of it should last quite a while.

Tip of the hat to Treehugger. More: The Energy Blog, Reva NXG, happy owner.