beatnikside’s Vegas Photo Gallery

See The Lights.

I can’t help but like beatnickside‘s Las Vegas Flickr photo set. It’s one of the most photographed of cities, but these photos are fresher than that. Sometimes enteraining, sometimes informing, the shots of Vegas’s glitz and glamour show special attention to detail.

This week is Vegas week at MaisonBisson, since I’m out here before heading to San Francisco to present at IUG 2005.

I have an inexplicable fondness for Vegas. My Vegas Guide from 2001 speaks of the curiosities of the city and the surrounding desert. In 2004 I finally got to go to the Amargosa Opera House in Death Valley and run through Crystal Nevada, home to the Brothel Art Museum and a bunch of “ranches” (all in one location, amusingly).

Expect a bunch of posts to my photoblog, but don’t expect much depth. This is Vegas, and it defies depth and nobility.