web scripting

Plan C: Signed JavaScripts

The Mozilla docs on JavaScript security give a hint of hope that signed scripts will work around the cross-domain script exclusions that all good browsers enforce. But an item at DevArticles.com throws water on the idea: Signed scripts are primarily useful in an intranet environment; they’re not so useful on the Web in general. To […] » about 300 words

PHP Developer Resources

Somebody asked for some links to get started with PHP. Of course I lead them to the PHP.net official site, where the documentation is some of the best I’ve seen for any product.

I also suggested PHPDeveloper.org and PHPFreaks.com, though the truth is I usually Google any questions I have that the official docs don’t answer. Still, I’ve found some good info at both of those.

Finally, the PHP Cheat Sheet at ILoveJackDaniels.com is pretty nice to have around (cheat sheets mentioned previously).