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50+ Ways Good HTML Can Go Bad

Via Brad Neuberg: RSnake’s XSS (Cross Site Scripting) Cheatsheet: Esp: for filter evasion. Limitations on cross site scripting (XSS hereafter) have been troubling me as I try to write enhancements to our library catalog, but the reasons for the prohibition are sound. Without them I could snort your browser cookies (RSnake lists: “cookie/credential stealing/replay/session riding” […] » about 200 words


The developers describe Flock as

[T]he world’s most innovative social browsing experience. We call it the two-way web.

Which is a good enough sales pitch to make me try the free demo, but it’s all still a private beta. Perhaps they’re trying to prove the point that nothing builds buzz better than unavailability. Osakasteve gushes:

A browser that is designed around social software like blogs and flickr

And Roland Tanglao overflowed:

I was blown away! Drag and drop blogging – drag text from a blog post and it automatically creates a cite tag with a link to the original post and the quoted text is indented using a blockquote tag. Drag and drop Flickr photos. And Chris teased me with some more future features like having del.icio.us as your bookmarks (goodbye to useless local bookmarks).

Extra: it’s based on Firefox and will fully love Mac, Win, and Linux. Interesting ideas…where’s my beta invite?