super model meat

Video Fix

Today might be [wierd|strange|funny|scary] video day. Or something. These are probably not safe for work, though your mileage may vary.

Here’s the list of things found last night:

  • Rainbow
    The site explains/claims: “Rainbow was a credible children’s TV show from the 70s and 80s. This clip was actually broadcast and watched by millions. …there’s no way these could have been done by accident. Innuendo all the way.”
  • SuperModelMeat
    I have trouble understanding this, but hey, um, whatever...everybody seems to be having fun.
  • ConcreteTV
    All I know is that New Yorkers get better cable access television than I do. This really beats out the weather forecasts and sermons.

[update:] Music for the Supermodel Meat video comes from Evolution Control Committee and the video is listed with others the band’s site. You’ll also find a video for “Breakfast” by the same crew that did Supermodel Meat, which is actually titled “Lunch,” at least by the band. “Breakfast” isn’t quite as disturbing, but…well. The band’s other music is worth a listen, at least.