Scott Smith’s Imperfect Ten

The nice folks at Coudal Partners are hosting Scott Smith’s Imperfect Ten, “wherein one man breaks all ten commandments before breakfast.” It’s Friday (March 10th, even), go watch. 10, adultery, cheat, coudal, covet, film, honor, idolatry, imperfect ten, lie, murder, sabbath, scott smith, sex, short film, steal, ten commandments, video, worship » about 100 words

Blogging the Office Party (mostly because they suggested it)

I don’t work for central IT anymore, but they still invite me to their holiday party. And no office holiday party would be complete without a yankee swap. I brought a sort of crappy battery operated screwdriver that seemed to be popular (but keep in mind that we have really low standards for these things), […] » about 200 words