Denver Sights

There's plenty of public art in Denver, including a <a href="">blue bear</a> and this <a href="">horse in a red chair</a> (<a href=",+CO&om=1&ll=39.743082,-104.994879&spn=0.004562,0.014623">here</a> and <a href=",+CO&om=1&ll=39.73781,-104.988291&spn=0.004562,0.014623">here</a>, respectively). Tourists can also <a href="" title="Molly Brown's house on Flickr - Photo Sharing!">sneak a peak</a> inside <a href="" title="The Molly Brown House Museum">the Unsinkable Molly Brown's house</a> on <a href=",+CO&om=1&ll=39.737472,-104.980824&spn=0.004562,0.014623">Pennsylvania St</a>. » about 100 words

Barstow California

What didn’t work out because of our problems with the hotel was our drive to Barstow to see Sandee’s friend Joanne.

I don’t know much about the town, but Wikipedia told me to look out for the original Del Taco, Rainbow Basin Natural Area (site not loading now, try this instead), Calico Ghost Town, and the old Solar One solar energy generating experiment. Along the road, however, is the the World’s Tallest Thermometer, in Baker, California.