reputation management

No Such Thing As Bad Publicity

Finding a 2007 blog post about a condom and a cheeseburger made a friend ask if student blogs should be moved off-domain. My flippant answer was “There’s no such thing as bad publicity.” His retort was simple and quick: “Tell that to the catholic church.” It stung. He had me, I was sure. It’s hard […] » about 300 words

Reputation Management At Applied Dreams 2.2

Ryan gave me the drop on this presentation by Dave Chiu and Didier Hilhorst where they do an amusingly effective job of explaining the concept of reputation management. It all went down at the conclusion of the Applied Dreams 2.2 project at Interaction Design Institute Ivrea in Milano.

The project brief begins:

Our identities are changing due to our constant exposure to enabling technologies.

Our old physical identities, fixed to a house, an address, a tax number, private, detached, individual, introvert, seem increasingly at odds with our new electronic identities, mobile, self-published, publicly exposed, extrovert, shared, accessible, communal.

Simultaneously, an interconnection between individuals, commercial and authority is leading to the increasing relevance of self-organising, temporary socio-spatial communities and to the creation of micro-economies.