Aww, I got thanked!

I recently backed the Syrp Genie, one of a handful of recent motion control timelapse projects on Kickstarter. It’s well past its expected ship date, but they done a good job of keeping backers updated on progress and just today they shared photos of the box that will soon be on it’s way to me. They’ve thanked backers with a card in every one of them.

If you look closely, you’ll see my name straddling the “thanks” in the center.

Motion Control Timelapse Projects On Kickstarter

Some time ago I backed the Syrp Genie (estimated delivery July 2012), but today I learned of the Radian and Astro. Unlike the Radian and Astro, the Genie supports linear motion, but it’s also much more expensive, bigger, and appears to have more complex controls.

Here are the videos for all three projects: