joe monninger

June 28: Tony Day

It’s Tony Day, not just because Joe’s book has garnered some good reviews — “the only excuse for the continued existence of boxing is that its battles have occasioned some of the best writing any sport has ever inspired” — or because he likes telling the story. It’s Tony Day because “Galento [is] a champion […] » about 100 words

Two Ton: One Night, One Fight

Tony Day is June 28th, but today is the day I received my copy of Joe Monninger’s latest work, Two Ton: One Night, One Fight — Tony Galento v. Joe Louis. I learned a lot about the characters and times during the two years of research Joe invested in the book, but other than sneaking […] » about 400 words

Joe’s Favorite Novels

Will pressed Joe, asking him to name his top ten favorite books. Joe pressed back, saying such lists were ridiculous, but still, sometime later he emailed with the following:

Okay, here are the books that got to me at certain points in my life. Not sure I would view them all the same now, but this is a list of sorts.

I found this an interesting challenge, and of course impossible…I have more lists but I stuck to novels…

Top ten novels by female authors

Top ten novels by male authors

Last Minute Gift Idea

My friend Joe loved his chickens, though a fox did them in this last fall. He’d planned to leave the coop empty for the winter and start fresh in the spring, but his surfing lead him to mail order chickens (adoption card pictured above). So…what better a gift for a friend than a chicken by […] » about 100 words