Teddy Bear Cries Red Tears

southtyrolean, who seems to take an interest in found graffiti posted this one (from Graz)to his Flickr stream, describing it: in the Sackstraße, near Kastner&Öhler (entrance to the car park for bikes) :: in der Sackstraße, neben Kastner&Öhler (Eingang zum Fahrrad-Abstellplatz) I especially like this one. blood tears, boots, graffiti, Graffiti Girl, graz, panties, red […] » about 100 words

The Problem With PDAs Today

When I finally get around to writing up my impressions of the Pepper Pad, I’ll be pointing to Roger Sperberg’s recent posts at TeleRead about non-PDA handhelds and computers for stand up use. At the moment, however, some of his points remind my of a few I’ve got to make about PDAs here. I’ve got […] » about 400 words