iPhone Service Plans and Coverage?

AT&T’s current (reasonable) voice and smartphone data plans offer 900 minutes for $60 and unlimited data for an additional $20, but previous reports about the iPhone suggested that consumers should expect to pay $60/month for service, so we’re left to wonder what’s up.

Meanwhile, I’ve been asking AT&T users about their signal coverage. I’m on Verizon now and enjoyed pretty solid coverage throughout DC, even underground. Folks on AT&T, however, had spottier coverage, even above ground. And on the train home I found myself next to a passenger trying to conduct business on AT&T, but who was getting disconnected regularly. All the while, my phone showed plenty of signal.

And yet, USA Today says AT&T is “girding” for for launch, including investing in their network, so again we’re left to wonder.

update: the rate plans are out. $60 will get you 450 voice minutes and unlimited data, but all plans are limited to 200 SMS messages. Add $20 to double the talk time, and toss in another $10 for 2000 text messages or $20 for unlimited.