AirParrot Turns AppleTV Into A Secondary Display

From the FAQ on the AirParrot site:

What does AirParrot do?

AirParrot lets you AirPlay your Mac’s screen to a second or third generation AppleTV. What you see on your Mac’s screen will appear on the AppleTV, wirelessly!

How do I use AirParrot?

Once you’ve opened AirParrot, click on the icon in your menu bar. Select the AirPlay device (such as your AppleTV) and then select which screen you want to mirror. To stop mirroring, simply click on the same AirPlay device in the menu!

What The Critics Are Missing About The Apple TV

It’s not just the critics, nobody seems to get the story on Apple’s new TV-connected device right. Darrell Etherington at The Apple Blog says it’s a non starter for him, and Ars Technica’s John Siracusa describes it as just the most recent entry in a product line that has been “a persistent loser” for the company. […] » about 800 words