WordCamp Higher Ed, Northeast

It’s not WordCamp Paris (running on 7 February), but WordCamp Edu Northeast is today. I’m there to meet up with fellow WordPressies and talk about extending WordPress with Holladay Penick and Dave Lester.

Squeezing the three of us into a single time slot requires quite a bit of cutting, especially if we hope to have time to answer questions, so I’ll be focusing on Scriblio. That means I won’t be talking about how we’re going to use BuddyPress or replace significant portions of our university portal with it. Still, my slides are available as both QuickTime and PDF files.

It’s worth mentioning wpCAS (plugin directory page) in this context. I maintain the plugin and we use it to integrate WPMU with our central authentication infrastructure.

I’ve long been a fan of WordPress, and my feelings on open source are clear, but here’s another reason to love WP: A list for the commercial portal software we now use had seven messages last week, most of them asking for help and few of them getting answers. WP-Hackers, the development list, had 179 in the same period. It’s that kind of activity that supports the development of new features and the rapid fixing of bugs (or not, in the case of the commercial product).

Slides: QuickTime or PDF.