What You Lose In The Whirligig…

The letter that got us into the Bellagio for the night.

Nobody’s saying what caused it, but things didn’t go as planned at the MGM Grand Sunday night. We were told our room wasn’t ready when we tried to check in a little before midnight, so we ambled over to the cafe for a midnight breakfast on the house. Then at 3 AM, when our rooms still weren’t ready, we were sent to the Bellagio with a voucher for a free room and cab fare.

Vegas is a strange town that knows how to keep secrets, so it’s pure conjecture on my part to think that the housekeeping staff executed a work slowdown on Christmas day, but it fits what little detail I’ve learned.

Anyway, after a night (morning) in the Bellagio, we’re now checked into the MGM, and they just delivered a gift basket with a letter expressing their apologies and all. Some people were pretty angry and steaming last night, but I can’t complain so much.