Pig-n-Ford Races!?!

2005 pig-n-ford race.

So here I am looking up things to do in Oregon and I come across the Tillamook Chamber of Commerce‘s guide to local attractions and its note about the Pig-n-Ford races:

Vintage vehicles, daring drivers and squealing porkers. Mixed together, the outcome can only be described as frenzied farm-style fun. Most people would agree that individuals who race Model-T Fords must be strange to begin with. When competitors insist on carrying pigs as passengers, however, it’s a sure sign of a rare breed of driver. Yet pigs do race in Model-T’s at the Tillamook County Fair.

And then I found the official Pig-n-Ford website, where they’ve got pictures, race stats, and history:

The first Pig-N-Ford Race took place at the Tillamook County Fair in 1925. The idea for the race happened when a couple Tillamook County residents were transporting some pigs and one got loose. They proceded to chase the pig in their Model-T Fords and had so much fun trying to catch, and drive with the pesky pig that they thought “let’s do this at the Fair.”