Steve Jobs Introduces Mac mini

Mac mini.Steve Jobs, in his keynote at MacWorld Expo today reintroduced a redesigned Mac Cube as the Mac mini.

From MacNN:

Apple introduces Mac mini. New member of Mac family

Slot-load Combo optical drive. Play DVDs, burn CDs.

Quiet. Tiny.

FireWire, ethernet, USB 2.0, both DVI/VGA output.

Very tiny. Height is half the size of an iPod mini.

BYODKM. Bring Your Own Display, Keyboard, Mouse.

First one is $499: 1.25GHz 256MB/40GB More memory and larger hard drive for $599.

Will ship on January 22. Ships in a box smaller than the regular iPod box. 10:36AM Pacific time

From MacRumors:

Mac Mini

very tiny

quiet, fw, usb2, video out, ethernet – very very tiny

pizza box style

analog, digital video out

comes with Panther & iLife 05

half as high as an iPod Mini, surface of a little dish

coming 1st half of 05

1.25 Ghz G4

another at 1.4 Ghz

most important new mac ‘ever’

available Jan 22

prices for mac mini: $499 and $599

$499 with 1.25 G4, 256, 40 gig, Combo

Steve has already covered other rumored announcements like a new word processor and updates to iLife and Keynote.