Steve Jobs Introduces iPod shuffle

iPod shuffle.In his MacWorld Expo keynote today, Steve Jobs introduced the iPod shuffle.

From MacNN:

Apple introduces iPod Shuffle…flash based player. Smaller than most packs of gum.

Weighs the same as 4 quarters (less than 1 ounce).

Volume/Up dow. Simple LED to provide feedback. No display.

Either shuffle or album-based playback.

USB 2 transfer connector under connector at the bottom. 12-hour rechargeable battery. Mac/PC compatible.

Ships with a laynard that connects directly to bottom connector for easy carrying.

10:52AM Pacific time

iPod shuffle features new iTunes with auto-fill that will automatically select songs for iPod shuffle. Can also be used at flash storage device.

iPod shuffle in two versions: 512MB ($99) and 1GB ($149). Neon green box. Now shipping.

Apple offers four accessories: Dock, Battery extender (20hours of battery life), Car adapter–each $29. Due in next four weeks