Seeger’s Springsteen

Made the mistake of complaining about Bruce’s new album. I knew I was risking the age thing, and sure enough–

I downloaded finally, with too much anticipation, Bruce’s new Seeger Sessions. I haven’t heard B much lately but his voice sounds like its shot?? Seeger did his work with such a rich voice, deep and subtly modulated. This album is beautifully produced, the backup band is greatvoice and nearly too much. b’s voice sounds bad and not at all knowing what folk music is all about. Sounds too much

like Dylan at times too??? I like the arrangements and interpretations (We shall overcome as a sweet spiritual is maybe the best piece on there?), but the shouty

and harsh singing seemed like not very good singing.

my old New Jersey hand let me have it — he lives in Bruce’s hometown or/and birthplace so what else could I expect

ah, bruce…what can i say…i love that raw, stubbly chinned voice of his…i guess i’m not comparing to Seeger but rather hearing these tunes with fresh ears…so in that way, i guess your historical perspective leaves you vulnerable to the age question…but i wouldn’t worry about it…i want to buy Seeger CDs now because of the world of music B opened up with this record…i have seen him do these songs and more in concert twice…really moving and powerful performances…yes, the band is wonderful…and in all the B shows i have ever seen, he has never looked so much like he is having the time of his life than now…so i guess that is good energy in the end…