Lurk, cut, paste and

It is cutting and pasting but what other names are there now for it?? For looking at other websites, following the site and lifting off passages and putting them onto your own site–

for one reason or another??

I found while looking up info on Denmark about a year ago. Finally this May, lifelong wish, I finally got to Copenhagen for two days. Karen B is a Scotswoman who has

lived in Denmark for about five years. She’s now going to live in Glasgow, one of the hip

new centers of Europe, but she has a new boyfriend.

To put it briefly, I’ve moved. I’m typing this at a temporary stop – my best female friend’s flat – while I’m getting ready to leave Denmark. My belongings are in storage whilst I decide when I want to pick them up in Glasgow. I’m living out of a suitcase and all I own is what I can carry. It feels equally great and uncomfortable.

Media comsumption: one book – a frothy, fluffy, frivolous Regency romance tidbit of no great merit. A great deal of bad TV – but to be fair, Blackpool was unexpectedly great (then again David Tennant singing and dancing to The Smiths is as Ms Bookish-ish as you can get). A few films – A Cock & Bull Story was as delightful as I thought it’d be, for instance. Music – mostly Danish radio which ranges from harmless to damn awful, but I did find time for a bit of Guillemots.