IdM, OpenID, and Attribute Exchange

The conversation on Code4Lib about OpenID reminded me to finish a draft I’d started at Identity Future on the topic.

The short of it is that Marc Canter says that single sign-on is good, but “we need the attribute exchange to make this thing really take off.”

Then all the skeptics will realize that the authentication layer HAD to come first – but was just a first step. Along the way we’ll figure out standards for user intrerface and usage flow.

But for now – the critics are right – OpenID as it stands right now is just authentication and that ain’t gonna rock nobodies world – except for Bard Fitzpatrick’s world – I guess.

It’s been a long time since I said identity management is the next big thing (and many of the names have changed since), but I stand by it. I also stand by the suggestion that blogs — user-driven technology — will drive it.