Office Prankd!

prankd prankd prankd prankd

When Ken, Zach, Dan, and Dee all went off to a conference without Matt, Al, Cliff, Tim, Laurianne, and me (but especially Matt), they had to assume something would happen in their absence. Something.

And it did. To each one of them in turn.

1,100 square feet of tinfoil covered everything in Ken’s office. 5,300 Post-It notes were tiled over everything in Zach’s. 575 cups (many had water in them) covered Dan’s floor and desk. And 280 balloons filled Dee’s cube.

*disclaimer: As Matt was quick to say, “all work was done after hours or during our lunch break on Friday. No work resources were used (save for half a role of tape and a little bit of electricity).”