One Step Forward…

I thought I was real smart when I modified the tags plugin to support integration with Technorati. The code was simple, just look in the tags.php plugin file for the foreach statements that run through the tags names and turn them into links on the page and change the $tags[] = statement to look something like this:

$tags[] = “tag_name).”\“ target=\”$target\“ rel=\”tag\“ title=\”More “.$row->tag_name.” at {site name}\“ >”.$row->tag_name.“ tag_name.”\“ target=\”$target\“ rel=\”tag\“ title=\”Find “.$row->tag_name.” at Technorati\“ >”;

But thinking you’re smart isn’t enough. Example: I fixed the tags to Technorati integration only to find that modifying the post in Ecto would delete all the tags and geolocation information I’d worked so hard to enter. Yeah, I’m working on that.