On The Media Does Copyright Issue

On The Media from NPR.I had just sat down to post a note about an interview with J.D. Lasica in On The Media (listen to MP3) this week when I found David Rothman beat me to it. The interview was one of the better treatments of copyright issues that’s I’ve heard/seen in the (relatively-) popular media.

Here’s the summary from the OTM site:

For every move that media industries have taken to protect their copyrights, there has been an equal and opposite countermove by consumers. In Darknet: Hollywood’s War Against the Digital Generation, J.D. Lasica explores the realm in which so-called pirates operate – slicing, dicing, and sharing media to their hearts’ content. Lasica talks to Bob about how Hollywood is driving consumers further into the shadows and under the radar.

One of the best features of OTM interview, is the way they ran it along side a story about Backstage BBC, the new developer interface/API for the worlds most popular news website. How’d it work? It worked because — just like Google, Amazon, Yahoo, and others — they saw value in opening up their copyrighted material to see how others might “remix” it.

But because Rothman reported on the Darknet/Lasica interview first and better, I’m taking the easy way out by throwing down a few links and calling it good:

Lasica’s book: Darknet.

Lasica on Darknets –“private, encrypted spaces where social groups can communicate with each other and exchange files.” His concept, ten examples, and Wikipedia‘s take.

Lasica on digital libraries: top 10 assaults on digital liberties.