Less Than A Year Left Before Paris’ Retirement

Paris Hilton Hamburger

Yup, Tom reminded me recently that there’s less than a year left on the Official Paris Hilton Retirement Countdown. In case you’ve forgotten, the hamburger-eating heiress announced her retirement in a June 20 issue of Newsweek (jump to page two for the relevant bits).

Don’t get tripped up on the postdated retirement announcement, Bill Gates announced his intentions to retire in 2008 last month, so one might say it’s all the rage. And, any doubts that the 25-year-old celebutante might be too young and naive to give up the spotlight should fall away when one considers the depth of her advice to her mother — “I just told her to always know the camera’s there… And don’t trust the producers. And just be yourself.” More seriously, well not really, there’s this line from the Newsweek story:

Tell her she’s a lot smarter than the woman who once wondered if Wal-Mart was a place to buy walls, and she’ll look you straight in the eye and say, “I know exactly what I’m doing.”

Of course, the story followed that with the description: “a conglomerate for essentially being a party girl—that is, for doing nothing.” Eh, at least they didn’t call her a car wreck.

Oh yeah, about that Paris Hilton Carl’s Junior hamburger ad? Defamer loved it, then loved the parody more. It’s casual Friday here, so live it up with the “which celebrity it girl are you?” quiz.

Extra: people who are watching closely could ask a fair-but-pointed question: why did I dare post this picture of Paris, but demurred from posting a picture of Britney previously? I don’t have an answer, sorry.