I Feel Great


What? Oh, yeah. I feel great.

Larry, I’m quittin’ the company and startin’ my own. And by the way, I feel great.

Steve, you’re a great guy with great skills, you’re gonna do great. *pounds fist* What the hell, I’m comin’ with ya.


Hey, you’re hot and I feel great. Let’s get married.

Alright, but I want lots of kids.

Me too. Five hundred of them. *slams file drawer* Ooohhhhfff.

Yeah. Babies everywhere.

*storming through office*

Heyyyy. What’s up?

Me. I’m up and I feel great.

You feel great?

Yeah, really great. Go ahead and hit me.



You do feel great. I just shattered my hand. Oh ho, yeahhaha.

*storming through office*

Steve, this is Bill. He owns this place and he’s got more money than gawd.

I’m filthy rich, I’m always tan, and I’ve got a great ass too. But my marriage sucks so I hate my life.

Bill, I’m Steve. I’m marrying a girl just because of her looks and we’re rushing right in to making babies.


I got no income because I just quit my job and I don’t care because I feel grrreat.


But did this one minute 35 second commercial (copyrighted 2003 by Turnpike Films) ever air?