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Karen & Will on the yuk-a-lator

I practically begged Will and Karen to get on a carnival ride with me so I could get portraits with the lights streaking behind them. Will warned me that he doesn’t do well on rides; I argued that no ride with so many kids under four feet tall could be too dangerous for us.

We boarded, it started. From the ground it looked gentle, much like the teacups. That was misleading. I started second-guessing my decision that my seat belt wasn’t necessary — it was designed for somebody fully one third my size and couldn’t be buckled. The carny didn’t seem to care during the seat check, but then I’d neither pointed it out nor hid the seat belt’s shortcomings. Will, on the other hand, was able to buckle up and he had all his notions of personal security pinned on that belt.

Then it came loose.

Still, there were photos to be had, and Karen seemed to be okay. Pressing my feet against the center post, I wedged myself into the seat and started snapping. Will held on, and Karen flopped about. It’ll be a while before I can coax them both onto a ride again, but I do sometime hope to repeat this with more natural light. Something more like this, but not so much as this.

Extra: anybody want to buy an extra carnival ride?